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 I washed the dishes today... a first for me in a long time! I am proud of myself. (^_^) I am not sure about LAMP this Tuesday bc of the weather. But if it clears, then we will go. I am drinking water... I list that on the weight loss thing. 

So, how's life treating y'all? Tell me in the comments. =) I wonder how Coll is cooking up roast pork which isn't my exact favorite but maybe she will put some spices on it. I hope so.

About that last paragraph, um, we have two Colleen and Colleen, one of them is a great weekend worker, and the other is my baby sister. To help the situation I call the staff Coll and my sister Sush. (It's a term of affection for my sister. <3)

I think that I will put the main light off so Sush can slumber. Me, I'm getting there also (to the land of Nod)

Well I think I will drink some more water then, go to sleep myself.

Sam out


Feb. 11th, 2017 01:12 pm
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Yeah, there is a Caturday cat fix for y'all. I am droopy today, both my sister and I are out of energy today -- could have been the weather that's screwing us up, just consuming lots of coffee yesterday or shit like that, y'know? Maybe after a short nap would wake me up. 

Sam out

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 My sleep deficiency is ... well.. let's just say it is not going well. I have insomnia so I can't sleep properly... I will have to go sit in the quiet room on the rocking chair, that usually works, and I can get some more sleep. 

Look at this. This article makes me want to sing Canada's national anthem both in English and French

It is Friday and that means that we can stay up however time we want. =) I am craving a panzo from Econo's.

Sam out

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Looks like there is going to be Round #2 of colds, bronchitis and every other fucking lung disease. Seriously guys. No one had better give me another bout of bronchitis bc quite frankly, I am getting quite sick of this bloody illness!!! And there will be the stupid fucking idiots that don't cough into their elbow. Always ppl.. always.


Next Friday, I am going to see the diabetic clinic and see how I am doing. IDK anymore. I hope that I don't have to see them again for a long while bc as Lorraine (God bless her) hated it and now I can see why!! 

/another ranting

Sam out.

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 Well not so much anyways, now... I am just listening to Def Leppard and waiting on Denise to do our room. =) That means I have to get my bed box from underneath my bed. I have to clean up some of the crapload of dust bunnies which I hate bc I'm allergic to dust. 

EDIT a few minutes ago  I just cleaned out from underneath my bed. I cleaned out my bed box too. Got rid of things that trigger me like my mom for example. She drives me mad and didn't acknowledged me as her daughter on her bloody FB but I am wise to her bullshit. She puts her sons first... and doesn't add me. I'd erase my FB but I have friends on there.

I have cut ties with my birth family esp my mother and her stupid fucking sons. I want to find my birth father ... but I can't find him. My parents relationship went like Romeo and Juliet, mom's family hated my dad, and my dad's family hated my mom. It's really making me mentally ill right now.

Anyways, it felt good getting that out, Cathartic even. 

Sam out
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 We girls went to the UCM to mall walk. Leslie brought us there and back. =) I still have my 2DS but the thing is, when I dropped it Sunday night, the case cracked a bit, so Coll is going to Chand to see what he can do with my 2DS. I love my Colleen <3

I hope Les comes to clear the driveway of ice so we don't slip and land on our keister at bowling lol... if there is more ice on the roads/my driveway by Friday, I am going to freak out. I hate ice in the wintertime here. Like really y'know? X_X

I think that we are having either mac n cheese or beef stroganoff or fettucini alfredo. Personally I prefer the fettucini but you never know until you know....

I need to relax bc I am getting a headache. =/

Sam out.
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I have always loved Paul. He is the best and will remain in my heart forever.

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 I am honored to have Dave [personal profile] jazzy_dave  , Jasmine [personal profile] jasminepinktea , and Froodle [personal profile] froodle  on my journal... welcome the tilt-a-whirl that is my life. =D

I just finished my dinner -- it was chicken pot pies for dinner with boiled potatoes and peas for dinner. About the icons for my journal, I made each and everyone of them. If you want some take them but credit me capisce?

I am going to listen to some music on my iTunes folder.
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 I used to be quite good at that. Maybe I can relearn it? I have a mac and so far not a lo of graphics progys are available for this. I could go on my sister's PC ... and create some there bc she has a Lenovo Windows machine and I have an older Macbook. It may be old but I still love it and wouldn't trade for $$$.

We are having meatballs with mashed potatoes and some kind of veggie for dinner. Well... gotta wake up Coll and tell her that dinner is at hand.

Sam out.
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 Well, we are getting periods of freezing rain and then just rain. This will play havoc if it doesn't stop for us ladies to go bowling. Oh yeah and snow too! Joy. =/ lol We Canadians love to bitch about the weather. "Dig that ice there!" Imho your ice should be in your glass of iced tea (or whatevs) not on the ground where you can easily slip and fall.

/weather rant

I opened up a new DW just for shits and giggles. And to read Froodle's blog which should be to the left of the main viewing window. I love DW but we need to make it more.... busy? Right now the simming comm is not very active here. Gotta fix that. Aw hell... I forgot to tell you about my newest lovely, she is right here --> [personal profile] froodle 

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