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 Well, we are getting periods of freezing rain and then just rain. This will play havoc if it doesn't stop for us ladies to go bowling. Oh yeah and snow too! Joy. =/ lol We Canadians love to bitch about the weather. "Dig that ice there!" Imho your ice should be in your glass of iced tea (or whatevs) not on the ground where you can easily slip and fall.

/weather rant

I opened up a new DW just for shits and giggles. And to read Froodle's blog which should be to the left of the main viewing window. I love DW but we need to make it more.... busy? Right now the simming comm is not very active here. Gotta fix that. Aw hell... I forgot to tell you about my newest lovely, she is right here --> [personal profile] froodle 

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