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 I washed the dishes today... a first for me in a long time! I am proud of myself. (^_^) I am not sure about LAMP this Tuesday bc of the weather. But if it clears, then we will go. I am drinking water... I list that on the weight loss thing. 

So, how's life treating y'all? Tell me in the comments. =) I wonder how Coll is cooking up roast pork which isn't my exact favorite but maybe she will put some spices on it. I hope so.

About that last paragraph, um, we have two Colleen and Colleen, one of them is a great weekend worker, and the other is my baby sister. To help the situation I call the staff Coll and my sister Sush. (It's a term of affection for my sister. <3)

I think that I will put the main light off so Sush can slumber. Me, I'm getting there also (to the land of Nod)

Well I think I will drink some more water then, go to sleep myself.

Sam out
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