Feb. 9th, 2017

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 Well not so much anyways, now... I am just listening to Def Leppard and waiting on Denise to do our room. =) That means I have to get my bed box from underneath my bed. I have to clean up some of the crapload of dust bunnies which I hate bc I'm allergic to dust. 

EDIT a few minutes ago  I just cleaned out from underneath my bed. I cleaned out my bed box too. Got rid of things that trigger me like my mom for example. She drives me mad and didn't acknowledged me as her daughter on her bloody FB but I am wise to her bullshit. She puts her sons first... and doesn't add me. I'd erase my FB but I have friends on there.

I have cut ties with my birth family esp my mother and her stupid fucking sons. I want to find my birth father ... but I can't find him. My parents relationship went like Romeo and Juliet, mom's family hated my dad, and my dad's family hated my mom. It's really making me mentally ill right now.

Anyways, it felt good getting that out, Cathartic even. 

Sam out
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Looks like there is going to be Round #2 of colds, bronchitis and every other fucking lung disease. Seriously guys. No one had better give me another bout of bronchitis bc quite frankly, I am getting quite sick of this bloody illness!!! And there will be the stupid fucking idiots that don't cough into their elbow. Always ppl.. always.


Next Friday, I am going to see the diabetic clinic and see how I am doing. IDK anymore. I hope that I don't have to see them again for a long while bc as Lorraine (God bless her) hated it and now I can see why!! 

/another ranting

Sam out.

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